Being a BDC student was an amazing experience! I learnt many things I was ignoring about business and realised that I'm a new person, having new visions and now I can say I'm a true entrepreneur. Thank you BDC and all facilitators, you've been so friendly and I wish you all the best, praying for you as we are now a family. May God bless you

Botuwa Clarys, DRC

Have benefited from the practicality of BDC training, BDC have created a great entrepreneur in me.

Ngomai Simba, Zimbabwe

Being Part of a community is the wish of everyone here on Earth. But being a worldwide family member is happiness.The journey at BDC has been a particular step of my life and an unforgettable pilgrimage as an Entrepreneur because deep were the concepts, helpful were the facilitators, instructive were the lessons and molded were the training because I have been molded from a job seeker to a business Creator with Christian values from the heart. I will never be thankful enough for these moments. Yes we might have different nationalities but We are all in this together, One People : BDC Family, One language : Business Creator , One Color & One Identity : BDC Entrepreneur...

Kayembe Daniel Makabu, DRC

I have learned many new things about businesses which I was ignoring and now I can deal with any kind of business even what I was afraid of. I have a great experience in my cohort, I realised how important is to work in a team. I met wonderful people Rwandese and Zimbabwean and my facilitators to whom I present my gratitude for everything done Anatole MAJJAMBERE and John MUGABO your were so friendly, and helpful during the training with your good teaching way and thanks to Patrice HABINSHUTI for your support. Thanks to BDC RWANDA  

Lukusa Colombe, DRC

BDC opened my mind to the business opportunities around me , I also learnt more on Business Marketing and basic accounting that is helpful to a small and upcoming business player. Another very important part was the issue of how to launch a business with available resources. The training will be useful to me two-fold: I will train business players in my organisation and I will also employe the knowledge in my personal business ventures. Thank you Mr Anatole and John Mlambo Misheck

Mlambo Misheck, Zimbabwe

The course allowed me to be more analytical and focused on my core area of expertise. I was better equipped to decipher different business models as well as treating correctly all the people involved in my business. The emphasis to an ethical standards and social responsibility was a timely reminder that indeed ethics matter a lot to the sustainability of any business. My skills were greatly improved and would love to see more business persons benefit from such an enlightening experience.

Itangayenda Viateur

Well! I've learnt a lot from BDC RWANDA! First of all,the knowledge about business! I'd the same knowledge before coming to BDC but i was doubting it because such knowledge was my own ideas! BDC motivates entrepreneurs to start their own businesses before or shortly after graduation! That's so impressive and makes much more sense! I've studied lots of business and economics in academic classes! To my surprise,most teachers who taught me claimed that they have been teaching economics and business for at least 17 years yet they never owned a single business and at the end of the month they're complaining about the salary! I found this critical and insane! It is totally different from BDC! Something else,is that I like my classmates and enjoy to be in a class of smart visionary people! That's so motivating and inspiring! Frankly speaking one can write numerous pages about BDC! Thanks

Dusabimana Hallelua Pacifique