Service Excellence Awards


With customer expectations continually rising, the wider community is becoming aware of the value and role that Customer Service plays in achieving business success. This highly demanding area is arguably the critical success factor for many organizations globally and countries at large.

Following an international initiative led by the Chartered Institute of Customer Management (CICM) to inspire service excellence through Service Excellence Awards (SEA) worldwide; global competitiveness in service delivery has been redefined and companies are leaping benefits of increased trust by customers in many countries of the world as a result of these prestigious awards at national, continental and global levels.

For this reason, it is important that Rwanda as a country has its own National Customer Service Awards to recognize promote and reward excellence, professionalism and outstanding achievement in all sectors. Therefore, the annual Rwanda Service Excellence Awards (SEA) is being organized and managed by the Chartered Institute of Customer Management (CICM) in collaboration with our institution, the Rwanda Business Development Center (BDC Rwanda), as a local partner.

The first edition of these Awards will be the “2016 Rwanda Service Excellence Awards”, to be held Kigali, Rwanda in Mid-March 2017.  Winners will automatically qualify to enter the continental Awards to be held in South Africa in August 2017.

Contact us today via email at, or on phone  +250 788 316 363, if you want one or both of the following:

  • Register your organization/company and enable your customers to give you a chance to be rewarded for your customer service excellence! Don’t know the process? Contact us on the phone or email address above to get a copy of the Awards Methodology with more technical details.
  • Getting involved, and let your brand be recognized globally for your contribution to these prestigious Awards. Don’t miss an opportunity to sponsor the first Rwandan edition. Contact us on the phone or email address above to get more information about sponsorships and contributions.

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